Gabby Logan has agreed to become patron of Bristol Cerebral Palsy Football Club and the 2024 Bristol International Cerebral Palsy Football Festival
Gabby Logan, highly respected TV and radio sports broadcaster has confirmed that she will become patron of Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club and 2024 Bristol International Cerebral Palsy Football Festival.

A regular on TV and radio since 1992, Gabby has been a well- respected sports presenter on Sky Sports, BBC Sport and most recently, Amazon Prime, also covering international events including the Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games.

Gabby stated that she was “delighted to give support to Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club by taking on the role of Patron.” She added that “The Club has achieved so much already in such a short space of time, and it is such an exciting time to be getting involved, with the club about to host the International Football Festival in August 2024, bringing together children with Cerebral Palsy from all around Europe .”

Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club (CPFC), was founded by parents in 2018 and is currently run by Bob Young, FA International Disability Coach of the year 2023. It was developed to give children with cerebral palsy the opportunity to play football with others that also suffer from the same condition. The club has gone from strength to strength: starting with only 6 players it has grown to a squad of over 40; it has competed in international tournaments; and it now has several children on the England Talent Pathway. The club is also proud to have started a female-specific team this season, which is also going from strength to strength.

Later this year, the club has its sights set on hosting England’s largest ever international Cerebral Palsy Football Festival, taking place in Bristol from August 2-4, 2024. The 2024 CP Football Festival will bring together clubs from around Europe, providing a platform for young people with cerebral palsy to compete within a fun, safe and inclusive environment. The tournament will run over 2 days with up to 350 players and family members attending from Ireland, Norway, Denmark and England. The festival will provide young people with cerebral palsy the opportunity to play football with international peers who experience the same challenges, and to develop their skills and confidence to become the best that they can be.

Bob Young stated “Having Gabby Logan as our Patron will help raise the profile of the 2024 International CP Football festival in Bristol, the first time it will be held in England.” He added, “Our team is not just about playing the sport; it’s about building a community, promoting inclusion, and showcasing the incredible talents of our athletes on the international stage. One of our objectives is that in holding the festival we will attract more players to the join the club, and position Bristol City CP FC as an FA Hub for cerebral palsy football in the South West.”

Joe Bryant, co-founder of Bristol City CP FC added “the club is very proud to have Gabby Logan as our Patron. Everyone at the club works so hard to create opportunities for children with CP to play football and to organise the festival. Having Gabby as Patron will help raise awareness of what we have achieved and help us to get much needed support for the festival”.


Cerebral Palsy
• Cerebral palsy is caused when an injury is suffered to, or a problem occurs in the development of, a baby’s brain before, during or soon after they are born
• It affects how the brain controls movement and muscles
• It is the most common motor disease in the world amongst
• Globally, 17 million people have cerebral palsy (CP)
• There are 1 in 400 people in the UK with CP
• No two people are affected in the same way

Cerebral Palsy Football
• Cerebral Palsy Football (CP Football) is for people with cerebral palsy, or an acquired brain injury
• It is played on smaller pitches, with smaller goals and a shorter playing time
• It is an international sport