Cerebral Palsy Football (CP Football) is for players with cerebral palsy, or an acquired brain injury. It can be played at different levels being: casually, competitively at a club, regionally or internationally. Formerly known as ‘7-a-side football’, CP Football has been part of the Paralympic Games program since 1984.

CP Football rules are quite similar to mainstream football with some slight changes to benefit the disability of Cerebral palsy. These rules include.
1. No off sides
2. Matches last for an hour with two half an hour periods,
3. A maximum of 5 substitutes can be made within a maximum of 3 opportunities,
4. As well as throw ins players can roll the ball back into play which must touch the ground when it has left the players hand (Approximately 1m)
5. Team sizes consist of 7 players on the pitch (Aka 7-a-side).
6. Pitches are smaller having a maximum size of 75mx55m and the goals are also smaller having a set size of 5mx2m.