A review of our trip to Scotland

We travelled up by coach which was actually a lot of fun and a great bonding situation for everyone. It was much less stress than flying.

We now have two amazing teams. The U14s playing their first proper games and grew in stature and confidence over the weekend. The future is exciting for them. The U16s continue to develop into a very good side, who are becoming a match for anyone.

The bond, friendship and support every player gives each other is amazing. It’s heart warming to see. That is now also happening amongst the parents as we are all growing closer.

The fair play award was the icing on the cake, winning that is far more important than any other trophy or any result. It’s something as a club everyone is extremely proud of and it speaks volumes of what our kids are all about.

As one of our team summarised –
“We were against some tough opponents, however we worked well together and held our heads up high as a team which led to us playing really well, passing, moving on and off the ball and communicating resulting in us enjoying the tournament and winning some of our matches. Overall a fantastic team building experience”.