We are currently raising funds to attend the Cerebral Palsy International Football Festival in Copenhagen this summer. We will be representing England against teams from all over Europe so this is a great opportunity for all our players:

Playing with Bristol City Cerebral Palsy football club has been life changing for our young players.  This is what some of them have to say:

“Ethan loves playing football and Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club has provided a fantastic, friendly and inclusive place for Ethan to play football and improve his skills. Ethan said that playing for BCCPFC makes him feel happy and amazing! What more could you want?” 

“I have played with BCCP FC since they were formed (and with some of the team since I was 6). This is an amazing club that is more like family and everyone helps each other and supports each other. We have been invited to play in a tournament in Copenhagen in August where we will play teams from across Europe. We are a small club so raising funds is really important to enable us to be able to attend these types of tournaments (which are amazing), Dublin in 2022 was one of the best football events I have ever been to.”

“My son has cerebral palsy and loves his time with the CP Club playing and practicing his football around like minded young people. Football is all he talks about, all he wants and his excitement for the whole week prior to going back to the team is palpable.”

“Joseph has finally found a football team he can be part of & be accepted just as he is!! For those that know Joseph, you’ll understand how massive this is!!!”

Larson Taylor and Steve Taylor will be running the bristol half marathon in full firefighter kit and breathing apparatus

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Joseph & Jane will walk a mile every day throughout March & will then (alongside some of his teammates) do the Bristol Family Run on 14th May (same day as Bristol Half Marathon). This is a huge challenge for Joseph but he desperately wants to help all of his team get to Copenhagen.

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Paul will be walking 500 miles between the 19th of February and the 20th May. He will be walking to Ashton Gate on every Bristol City home game day between those dates and walking home from every training session!

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Kerry & Ethan will be doing a mixture of fundraising events and sponsored tasks.

⚽ Kerry will be walking a mile a day in March.
⚽Ethan has a meeting next week with his Headteacher to discuss doing a talk and a fundraising day in school!

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On the weekend of the 27th-28th of May Ethan will be trekking 50km from West Lavington across Salisbury Plain to Avebury Stones.

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A BIG thank you to those undertaking these challenges and for all those who have sponsored.