From a captain’s point of view, this season has been amazing. Every player has come leaps and bounds and have improved so much not just from my perspective but from everyone else’s perspective. Here, from my perspective, I am just going to write a few words about each teammate and their improvements and contributions towards the team.

Jake has been fantastic all season round. Hes been a brilliant team player, very inclusive, very welcoming to new players, not afraid to get into those tackles. A very important part of this team this season, and I hope this carries on going forward.

Theo has been amazing this season, not just by scoring goals. He’s been learning this season that by using his teammates, he will get a lot more opportunities at goal. Theo and Jake have been working well together, not just because their brothers, because they are teammates.
Callum has been our brick wall at the back, very well rounded player, isn’t afraid to go forward and help with those attacks. Very flexible, can play on either side, but we have learnt that his best side is the left. Hopefully, next season Callum will come back stronger and ready to block anyone who tries to come at him.
Dylan has been an amazing defender this season, he has been very enthusiastic this season. His attitude is infectious, and he makes us all smile. He has been an absolute amazing defender and has been an absolute rock at the back supporting Callum and George with their defensive duties.
Joe is absolutely incredible, when he first joined the squad to now, there has been a massive change in his attitude and work ethic. Joe has been very good at dictating the play, very inclusive player, his attitude makes me smile. Honestly, next season, I’m determined that he is going to live up to that captain legacy and he is going to do a fantastic job at it.
George has had an infectious attitude all through this season!! Everytime he comes to training, its like the whole mood had been lifted. George has again been an absolute legend at the back! With Dylan and Callum with him at the back he has come leaps and bounds and has improved so much, not just as a defender, but as a team player as well, with learning how to control, clear and pass the ball and by using these skills. I have no doubt that George will be an insane defender in the future.
From what I’ve seen this season, Corey is one of the best keepers I have ever seen. He’s not afraid to go into that save, he is always determined to stop that ball going into the net. Corey doesn’t back down from a challenge, always willing to help out, not just in goal but outfield as well. Corey is flexible, and he is always smiling. I hope next season Corey comes back with his infectious attitude and is an amazing keeper for next season as well and in the future.
From what I’ve seen from Ethan. He is a wonderful player, he isn’t afraid to get into those tackles, he isn’t afraid to clear the ball away, not just by using his feet but his head as well. Ethan is another rock at the back, he is very dependable, when we need him, he just seems to be there and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.
When Boris joined the club, we were absolutely blown away by how quickly he had us all laughing, he has an amazing attitude, he makes all smile, and not just us but Bob and Shoppy as well. He has grown into that striker role and has supported Jamie upfront when we need him. He is a fantastic player, isn’t afraid to go after the ball. Very inclusive, makes sure that everyone is made welcome when they arrive, and we all love that from him!!
Jamie has been fabulous this season, not only with his skills on the football pitch but also off it as well. As appointed the U14s captain late into the season, he has adapted to that role and is an excellent role model. Jamie has learnt so much this season. By using his teammates and his dad, he has sometimes blown us all away with his skills and accuracy when in on goal.
Jack is a very flexible player. Can play him wherever we need to. He can be a striker at times, or a central midfielder, or a winger and that’s what we love about Jack. He is amazing at dictating the play, and has improved so much with his on-field and off-field skills. Next Season, I hope Jack comes in and is as amazing as he was last season.
Dexter has been absolutely fantastic this season, not afraid to get into those tackles. Dexter makes everyone smile, especially me. He has another one of those infectious attitudes and isn’t afraid to back down from a challenge. Dexter has been another amazing defender. No matter who is with him at the back. He works hard, no matter what. He is an amazing defender and team player and i would love that next season we get more of that!
Casey has been our keeper for this season due to unforeseen circumstances. Casey stepped up and became our keeper and by the work of himself and Shoppy he has developed so much this season and has become such an amazing keeper. Him and Corey are such fantastic keepers and it’s been a pleasure to have them both on the team. Casey again, is hard-working, he has pulled off some class saves this season, we can all agree on that. He has been an amazing keeper and we couldn’t thank him enough for that.
Jesse has been fantastic when we needed him, he has been a solid goalkeeper at the back and has pulled off some fantastic saves, he isn’t afraid of any challenges which come his way, and he’s willing to put his body on the line just to protect our goal.
The new people which have come in have been amazing, Dimario, Finn and Alfie have joined us for training and we are looking forward to hopefully in the next season, fresh and prepared.
Our super subs
The times which we have needed Grace, she has been flexible and willing to put her body on the line. When she played in Scotland, she was fantastic and grabbed a few goals for the U14s and also for the U16s.

Same applies to Hector, Hector is Boris’s brother and he makes everyone smile. He is a fierce attacker and isn’t afraid of anything, he doesn’t back down from a challenge. Hector again played for us at Scotland tournament, and he was a fantastic asset to the U14 team, next season I hope to see him come back fresh and ready to face any challenges that come his way when we need him.

Thank you
Thank you everyone for an amazing 2021/22 season. Thanks everyone so much, not just the players this season, but the coaches aswell. It has been amazing!!!

A word about Emily from one of her team mates
Emily has been a fab captain for the U16’s for the past season, giving us the motivation when it was needed most. She has been really caring and welcoming towards the new people that have joined BCCP and is always the first to think of others. She is a talented player on the pitch and a caring friend who puts others before herself. Thank you, Emily.