A review of The Celebration of Sport with the Robin’s Foundation – by Joe M

We were excited to recently visit BC High Performance Centre in Failand and to get a chance to play o the pitch. There were quite a few different groups already training and playing when we arrived at our slot at 6pm.
Sam Smith directed us to the area by the dugout where we stretched our muscles and warmed up, ready for some mini matches.

There was a surprise appearance from Erin Foley, one of the BCFC Women’s Goalkeepers who joined us and the Downs Syndrome Squad for a mini match, it was great to have her there, and we all had shots against her.

After the match some of us had photos taken with Erin.  It was an amazing experience meeting the one of the BCFC Women’s Goalkeepers and playing on the hallowed pitch where all the BCFC players train.