Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club are celebrating their huge success after recently returning home from Copenhagen where they participated in the Cerebral Palsy International Football Festival. The Festival was attended by clubs from Denmark, Norway and Ireland; and Bristol City Cerebral Palsy FC were selected to represent England, with the FA supplying them with England shirts for the event.
The team had a great tournament, with the seniors team returning home having won all of their games.

“We were able to take a senior and a junior squad to Copenhagen, and everyone played their hearts out. It was fantastic to see them competing on an international stage – we are extremely proud of all our players,’ said Nick Bunyard, Head Coach.

“It was wonderful to see so many children with cerebral palsy come together to celebrate their passion for football and have the opportunity to play in an international tournament,” said Matt McKay, Assistant Coach.

The Club’s ambition is to build on this success, and it plans to host the International Cerebral Palsy Football Festival in Bristol next summer. All families are working hard to raise funds and secure sponsorship for the event, which will benefit children not just from the Bristol area, but from across Europe too.

A BIG thank you to all who supported and sponsored us to make this possible.

The team with their England tops, kindly donated by the FA
Bristol City and Dublin teams plus supporters
The junior team who played in their first tournament together

The senior team who won all their matches in some tightly contested games