Bristol City Cerebral Palsy v BC Pan Disability

We had a great game against Bristol City Pan Disability on Saturday.  Thank you to Sam for bringing his team along again and for refereeing the match.  We really appreciate all his hard work.

We are now building a senior and a junior team and today helped us put this into practice and allowed us to see how this will work going forward.  We played the senior side for the first half and the juniors in the second half, with Casey in goal for both halves.

The game started well with BCCP pressing BC Pan early and winning the ball back whenever it was lost.  At times we really passed the ball around well on a very small pitch, so excellent play.

BC Pan gave us a really good game and applied a lot of pressure throughout the match.


First half: Casey, Dylan, Callum, George, Emily (C), Jake, Theo

Second half: Casey, Dexter, Jack, Corey, Jamie, Joe, Dylan and Callum rotated to make the 7.

Thank you to Annie for filming the match and keeping track of the goals.  At the end of the first half it was 7-2 and the game finished 11-8 to BC Cerebral Palsy, so a really good effort form the junior squad considering they were under a lot of pressure from a strong side.

BCCP goals:

Theo – Hat trick

Joe – Hat trick

Emily (C) – 2 goals

Jake – 2 goals

Jamie – 1 goal


Bristol City Cerebral Palsy v BC Pan Disability
Jacob from BC Pan was nominated as man of the match for his determination to get the ball and his work to keep it.  Well done Jacob.